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Aloha from Maui,

As you know, emergencies and disastrous situations of all kinds tend to bring out both the worst and best from individuals and communities.  Some people behave monstrously while others reach out to help their fellow human beings — some even going to the extent of performing heroic acts.  I prefer to focus not on the worst manifestations of human nature, but on the best.  And there are always so many individuals and organizations choosing to do good deeds, whether in “small” or large ways.

Communities not only in a large part of the United States, but also in other nations, are facing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Need help (or know someone who does) or want to give help?  Today I would like to share a few resources for both those directly affected by Hurricane Sandy and those who would like to give some form of assistance.

I am sure that you are skilled at tracking down information online.  However, it’s always nice to have a bit of a head start and/or be clued into something you may not have come across.  So, here are some links that I have collected.


FEMA Information on What to Do Before, During, and After a Hurricane

The FEMA site contains much crucial information, not only for dealing with the immediate situation created by Hurricane Sandy, but also for preparing for and dealing with all kinds of emergencies.



State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management

FEMA has supplied this list of contact information for states in the U.S.  Some of the listings include emergency phone numbers.  Many of the state offices and agencies have websites, and links are provided in the list.


While the list accessed by the link above is very useful, be aware that some of the information is out-of-date.  For example, the entry for Puerto Rico (which is one of the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy) contains contact information for the Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency.  Unfortunately, the link to the Agency’s website was not functioning when I checked, and it is not clear whether a site is currently available.

The link below is to the Hurricane Sandy Information section of the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services website.



Hurricane Sandy:  How To Help & What You Need To Know (UPDATES)
(By Craig Kanalley, Senior Editor of Big News & Live Events for the Huffington Post)

This article contains brief descriptions and links to many ways we can help or be helped, along with the latest need-to-know information.  The staff is rounding up as much information as they can, for all areas affected by the storm.  Links, some of which are to “extremely timely requests and tips,” are organized by neighborhood as well as city or region.  Although a considerable amount of the information here is specific to the New York City area, there is much with a broader application.

♦♦♦ Blog Post:  7 Ways to Help Victims of Superstorm Sandy Online

Mashable has highlighted seven organizations running campaigns that help those affected by the storm.  They offer a comments section for posting of information about other nonprofits or online campaigns raising money to help the victims.


Hurricane Sandy has affected Caribbean islands, including Haiti, the Bahamas, and Cuba.  Some of the organizations listed in this blog post provide aid to some of these areas.


International Emergency Telephone Numbers

Speaking of giving/getting help internationally . . .  this list — provided by the Santa Clara County (California) Fire Department — gives ambulance, fire department, and police emergency numbers for countries around the world.  These numbers provide services similar to 911 within the U.S.  Of course, these numbers should be called for dealing with specific emergency situations, not for gathering information.

♦♦♦ Blog Post:  How to Use Facebook and Twitter Without  the Internet

In case you aren’t already set up to tweet or to update your Facebook status via text messaging, this post explains how.  You will need to log in to your Twitter and FB accounts to activate this feature.  It would be a great idea to go ahead and do that while you have internet access — so you can let friends know how you are doing any time you can use your cell phone.




I’d like to share two sources of hope and inspiration that you can go to during trying times — or any time.

Inspire Me Today

Gail Lynne Goodwin’s Inspire Me Today offers the world daily inspiration through essays, stories, interviews, and more.  You can read and listen to the inspiring stories of a wide variety of people who have overcome challenges to live their dreams and help others.



Zerbin Singleton

Zerbin is an amazing young man who triumphed over a difficult and dangerous childhood.  He uses his “life experiences to inspire and motivate others to achieve heights they never thought were possible”.  Zerbin demonstrates that “no matter what you face, what you have been through, or what you are going to meet, there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish”.

Click below to watch Zerbin’s powerful 2-minute video, Be a Priceless Masterpiece



Wherever in the world you or your loved ones are located . . . whether you are affected by Hurricane Sandy or by some other difficult circumstance . . . or whether you are doing just fine and perhaps want to challenge yourself in some way . . . I wish you and your loved ones all the best.  May you experience better and better days to come.



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